Performance Policy

The Lizard Lounge Open Mic Challenge is a showcase of original acoustic music.

After all acts have performed our guest judge will pick a final three to play one more song.  From those three our judge will pick a winner!  

Our Judge is focusing on these five categories: 

1. Songwriting (All songs must be original to be in the challenge)

2. Vocal performance – (Sing… Sing a soooong! Sing out loooooud… sing out strooong!)

3. Playing ability – (For instrumentals, playing ability counts twice in place of vocal ability)

4. Stage presence – (RAWK! And most importantly, enjoy your set!)
5. Audience response – (Yup! Your pals get a vote as well!)

5.  Audience Response - (Yup!  The crowd has a say as well!)

A few rules of the show:

2 Songs or 10 minutes. Whichever comes first.  

If you would like to be in the contest please play originals.

We have 3 vocal mics, 3 instrument mics, 3 di boxes and A PIANO at your service!

No amps. No pedals. No drum kits (percussion/cajon, etc is welcome)

, keyboards… etc.

No Backing Tracks, cd's or ipods or loop pedals of any kind (100% live baby!)

Respect the stage on and off.  (Give all artists the same respect you would like them to give you)

Weekly contest winner will receive:

A) Cold hard cash (The total Musician's cover @ the door!)

B) An invitation to perform in the grand finalists' show @ The Lizard Lounge 
(Date to be announced.)

C) Bragging rights and a shiny pin! (Shiny pin not included…)
 LLOMC Main Event Judge
Laurence Scudder

Violist - Ryan Montbleau Band, Danielle Miraglia, Ryan Fitzsimmons, Brothers McCann, Truck Norris